Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie


Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie


The founders of Xylo-Carbone shared their respective resources in wood engineering and forest operations to create this new charcoal factory in 2017.

The company, located in Saint-Tite (Mauricie, Quebec) is specializing in the thermo-conversion of wood into vegetable carbon products. The company developed its own proprietary process to manufacture biocarbon based products with the recovery of pyrolysis gases. The main applications are hardwood charcoal for grilling and BBQing, biochar for the revalorization of soils in agriculture as well as biocarbon for the replacement of mineral coal in metallurgy.

The company takes advantage of its wood cutting and sorting operation on 15-hectare land to actively partici-pate in the sustainable management of local forests.

The manufacturing of biosourced products is based on innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. By committing the entire organization toward sustainability and the respect for our fundamen-tal values, we can make a difference in an ever-evolving world.


  • Specialized in the conversion by pyrolysis of hardwoods (maple, yellow birch, beech) into charcoal with minimal environmental impact.

  • Production by automated control to ensure superior quality at all times.

  • An organization focused on the sustainable development of local forests.

  • Our mission : To offer you the most enjoyable BBQ experience.


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