The trend towards biosourced products, partially or otally replacing petrochemicals and / or polluting coal, contributes to the growth of Xylo-Carbone Inc. and its positioning in the clean technology sector.

The production of biocharcoal products based on renewable biomass, having an excellent energy value (+/- 30 MJ / kg), but also properties of black coloration and adsorption of toxins in water and air streams, offers unique business opportunities for companies looking for carbon products with a low environmental footprint.  Our products are found in the following applications:


Xylo-grill (BBQ):
Fast lighting and hot burning from high and controlled carbon levels. No chemicals.added

Less dust in the bags from the use of an industrial screening process .

Natural hardwood (maple, yellow birch and some beech) only coming from nearby forests with strict management principles forbidding total deforestation.

Providers of lump charcoal for BBQ outdoor grilling and smoking with state-of-the-art pyrolysis process to efficiently convert hardwood (mainly maple with yellow birch and some beech) into high carbon content charcoal for easy lighting, high temperature grilling and low ash level.


  • 4 kg bags (70 bags/pallet)

  • 8 kg bags (36 bags/pallet)

  • Other formats (box, bulk) according to customer needs

Biochar in agriculture


Xylo-Carb (AG) :
Made of wood biomass limiting the risk of cross contamination in the field Porosity (m2/g) controlled lot by lot;

Availability all year long.

Carbon composites

Xylo-Carb (CB) :
Made from 100% renewable biomass, pyrolyzed and micronized

Process using low environmental footprint

Product performance as per ASTM standard norms in substitution to petroleum-based carbon black pigment.

Activated carbon

Xylo-Carb (AC) :
Carbon powder physically activated by steam made from 100% renewable hardwood biomass.

Low ash level and without significant sulfur nor contaminant emissions during its manufacturing.



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