Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie


Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

The trend towards biosourced products, partially or otally replacing petrochemicals and / or polluting coal, contributes to the growth of Xylo-Carbone Inc. and its positioning in the clean technology sector.

The production of biocharcoal products based on renewable biomass, having an excellent energy value (+/- 30 MJ / kg), but also properties of black coloration and adsorption of toxins in water and air streams, offers unique business opportunities for companies looking for carbon products with a low environmental footprint.  Our products are found in the following applications:

Hardwood charcoal for BBQ

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Charcoal lumps Signature 7 kg

  • Fast lighting

  • Intense heat

  • Fast cooking time

  • 100% natural

  • Canadian product

  • Nice chunks of hardwood charcoal

  • Little dust

  • 36 bags / pallet

  • 1872 bags /truckload

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Xylo Block 6 kg

  • The block is made of hardwood charcoal dust mixed with a natural binder (approximately 5%) and water

  • 100% Natural

  • Canadian product

  • The properties of the Hardwood Charcoal Block are complementary to those of lump charcoal

  • The Block burns longer but also provides a nice warmth

  • It is possible to cook on BBQ by integrating the Block to the lump charcoal

  • 60 bags / pallet

  • 3120 bags / truckload

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Xylo Mix 10kg

  • Charcoal lumps

  • Progressive lighting

  • High heat

  • Continuous cooking

  • Made in Canada

  • Mixed hardwood

  • Based on maple and imported hardwood species

  • Little dust

  • 36 sacs / palettes

  • 1872 bags / truckload

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Xylo-Grill 4 kg

  • Fast lighting and high temperature cooking

  • High and controlled carbon levels

  • No chemicals added

  • Less dust in the bags from the use of an industrial screening process .

  • Natural hardwood (maple, yellow birch and some beech) only coming from nearby
    forests with strict management principles forbidding total deforestation

  • 70 bags / pallet

  • 3640 bags / truckload

Biochar in agriculture - Xylo-Carb (AG)

Made of wood biomass limiting the risk of cross contamination in the field Porosity (m2/g) controlled lot by lot; Availability all year long.

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Carbon composites - Xylo-Carb (CB)

Made from 100% renewable biomass, pyrolyzed and micronized Process using low environmental footprint Product performance as per ASTM standard norms in substitution to petroleum-based carbon black pigment.

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

Activated carbon - Xylo-Carb (AC)

Carbon powder physically activated by steam made from 100% renewable hardwood biomass. Low ash level and without significant sulfur nor contaminant emissions during its manufacturing.

Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie
Xylo-Carbone charbonnerie

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